ICME HEALTHCARE - Clinical and non-clinical reorganization

The introduction of the DRG system and the increase in costs has forced a restructuring of the hospital sector. The organizational criteria in clinical organizations are no longer the division by department but more that of process management and patient flow. Only after this analysis, can the allocated hospitalization length be observed. An optimal and economic use of hospital resources is therefore essential in this situation. This also imposes increased requirements in the orientation of patients in the sense of an extended management also includes the service structures of operational zones. Furthermore, the tertiary sectors have to be organized economically in accordance with these requirements.

Our services:

  • Optimization of services in the hospital sector;
  • Management of admissions and discharges;
  • Analysis of the service structure and costs;
  • Process analysis and organization of services and resources in intensive care units (personnel, equipment, premises, capacity) and benchmarking;
  • Definition of targeted design, targeted space occupation, resource management and implementation;
  • Definition of strategic requirements;
  • Development of scenarios and assessment concerning the use of internal and external resources, possible business models and -applications.